Empowering performance and prediction for purposeful business

Providing integrated multidimensional investment assessment to drive the acceleration of sustainable development and strategies.

What other rating analytics can't,
Innorbis does

  • Integrating ESG and data into core products and services.
  • Monitoring of impact and business governance.
  • Licensing business processes with solutions from our data measurments.
Multidimensional scientific data science 12 categories of capital

Innorbis offers

  • InnorbisBlueprint Progression Scales

    More than 500 indicators across F-ESG areas of impact

  • AAA Rating and assessment

    Risk and opportunities of sustainable investments capitalising on market growth

  • Sustainable Risk/Return Evaluation

    Optimisation of investments and sustainable risk and return analysis

  • Innorbis 12 Capital Value Categories* for predicting performance

    Forward looking assesment for business growth & relevant sustainable investments

  • Expert Dynamic Data Information

    Propietary data collection and criterias

  • Core Business Mapping 17 SDG's

    169 targets, 231 official indicators

  • Financial Instrument Design

    Funds/EFT content, bonds, ESG indices and other alternatives

  • Sustainability Conformity Reports

    Reports including risk and compliance guidelines towards UNEP FI, IRRS, CSR, EU Taxonomy, UNPRI & more

  • ESG Expertise Consultancy & Educations

    F-ESG customised implementations inclding strategic workshops