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is game changing, with a wondrous

Legacy for the future

INNORBIS mission is to make decision making easier for sustainability growth measures an integral part of economic assessment and capital allocation, addressing objectively today’s great human, social, and environmental challenges.

Based on a sustainability data measurement model using a series of advanced and complex formulas which evaluates data pertaining to companies’ financial, environmental, human, social and governance performances are selectively gathered and evaluated, meeting the quality requirements of scientific measurement. Advanced, complex, multilevel, nonlinear formulas are applied to observations made using sustainability indicators and rating categories to form the basis of a new consolidated standard, a standard capable of scaling up sustainable finance to mass markets and previously undreamt-of levels of impact.

The method is based on a collection of data sources, indicators and sustainability metrics alongside economic data. Far from taking that model at face value, it is a model of emergent, stochastic, and adaptive processes.

The method explicitly evaluates the information with superior performance and the advantage of supporting mass customisation of the data composites without compromising comparability.

The service provides a boost to market’s competitive advantage and capital evaluation.

The tool has the purpose to show opportunities and minimise hidden risks and consequently material costs, financial, environmental and human, that we are encountering alongside our evolution today.

INNORBIS is a reliable tool for supporting efficient decision-making across investors, governments, the private and public sectors, and institutions, taking into account multiple layers of data complexity, and multiple financial and sustainability indicators.

INNORBIS works not only with company information but with country-level and open source data. INNORBIS addresses the targets specified by United Nation’s 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), as well as new regulatory guidelines.

The tool automation gives us advantage in a forward looking analysis of companies and countries, in different sectors and regions still in one global measure comparison.

INNORBIS is game changing, with a wondrous legacy for the future.

Meet the Innorbis team

  • Angelica Lips da Cruz
    Angelica Lips da Cruz
    CEO & Founder
  • Carolina Nystrom
    Carolina Nystrom
    Project Coordinator
  • Danhela Hendges
    Danhela Hendges
    Business Development
  • Marcel de Berg
    Marcel de Berg
    Institutional Advisor / Our-green-spine
  • Ilya Stakheev
    Ilya Stakheev
  • Denis Shvets
    Denis Shvets
    Front-end Developer
  • Mikko Sillanpää
    Mikko Sillanpää
    UX Designer

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Meet our advisors

  • Leslie Pendrill
    Leslie Pendrill
    • PhD in Experimental Physics, Metrological Quality Assurance.
    • Former Chair of EUROMET - European Association of Metrology Institutes, RISE- Research Institutes of Sweden
  • Marcus Öhman
    Marcus Öhman
    • PhD in Ecology, former Stockholm Resilience Center.
    • Former Minister of Enterprise and Innovation, MD of the Swedish Protection Agency Naturvårdsverket
  • Annika Poutiainen
    Annika Poutiainen
    • Chair Council for Swedish Financial Reporting
  • Giorgio Vellani
    Giorgio Vellani
    • Compliance Officer and Legal Advisor at Aberdeen Asset Management
  • William P Fisher Jr
    William P Fisher Jr
    • Expert in advanced measurement applications for managing human, social, and natural capital
  • Ingela Wickman Bois
    Ingela Wickman Bois
    • CEO/Senior Advisor at Circular Advantage Stockholm AB.
    • Industry strategy expert for circular business model innovation, circular intervention impact and value capture through systems redesign. Corporate Marketing and Branding.